EP Review: Mallrat - ‘In the Sky EP'


Mallrat’s growth as an artist couldn’t be more evident on her new EP ‘In the Sky’. 

Whilst there’s still the similar pop-infused synth and bounce of her debut ‘Uninvited,’ the lyrics are much deeper and darker, providing a vulnerable version of the young Brisbane-based popstar and rapper. The maturity she shows with her pace is evident right from the start, with ‘Groceries’ delivering an acoustic guitar melody to accompany the emotional lyrics like, ‘Real sorry about your broken heart, I'm trying to walk on broken glass.’ 

Whilst an approach to catchy melodies is still at the forefront of what she does, it doesn’t mean her growth as a rapper has taken a backseat. ‘Texas’ starts with soft and floating synths, and a rhyming pattern that flows with ease. When the bridge hits, Mallrat’s rap comes out of nowhere and carries the track through to its final moments with passion and clarity, letting the frustrations of its message spill out through the beauty of her voice. 

Better’ is a summery jam with positivity shining through its beat, even if insecurities hide in plain sight through its lyrics. Easily one of the best songs on the EP it shows just how smart a writer she is, with layered lyrics such as, ‘And all your friends are nice but you like throwing dice so, Maybe that's the reason all the angels had to hide.’The final two tracks are quite the mix of styles. ‘UFO’ bring its tale of isolation and the feeling of insecurities of belonging somewhere to life with the talents of Allday, and the hints of Lana Del Rey fall softly from her lips. The final track ‘Make Time’ is a calming pop song that echoes the gravity and sounds of Imogen Heap, whilst closing out the EP in style. Two years have shown what Mallrat is capable of and how much her talents have grown, bringing stronger themes to the EP, such as loss, loneliness and uncertainty, but always manages to keep the listener feeling good with its fantastic beats and wonderfully poppy harmonies.

Words by Chris White