In Conversation With - LOWES


LOWES have just released their amazing 'Elements EP' which sees them pushing genre boundaries with their huge landscape pop sounds. We had a chat them about how the EP reflects them as people and their plans for the future. 

The EP is finally out there, why is it called 'Elements'? 

We decided to call the EP, 'Elements', following our trip to Norway last Winter. We felt totally in awe of our surroundings, the fast-changing weather, and the raw wildness of where we were exploring and filming. The landscapes both at home, and on that trip, are a great source of inspiration for the songs on this EP and we felt the name Elements captured the spectrum of this influence and our resulting sound. We allocated one of the four elements to each of the tracks and used these visuals to help roll out the whole campaign.

The EP takes us on a sort of journey, what inspired the tracks? 

The main inspiration for the tracks definitely came from nature - we all spend a lot of time out in the local mountains and lakes and this gives us space to think individually. We often find our best work comes out of the studio on a Monday after we've all had some time out in the fresh air at the weekend before regrouping full of new thoughts and ideas! Aside from that, we are all really into pretty varied areas of culture - Jamie is really into his films, Luke is a walking music history book, Oli is a film-maker, I closely follow the political scene both in the UK and abroad, particularly where the environment is concerned and all of these elements (pardon the pun) feed into our music for sure.

Each track has it's own character, it is wild but yet calm, do you think this reflects you as people and most importantly as a band? 

I would say yes... we're all quite restless, so when we're writing we always changing tac, and often struggle to keep a song calm throughout. We like keeping things exciting, and adding layers to our music so you feel like you're hearing something new each time you listen. We're all involved in each song at some stage along its journey, whether that's writing or producing, so you can definitely hear the influence and input of each of us in each track.

Now that the EP is out, what are your plans for the rest of the year? 

The rest of the year is looking full of opportunity for some cool live shows in late Autumn, more writing, working on a couple more releases and promoting this EP! We've had such a fun summer with releasing this EP and playing some great festivals so it will be great to consider what we'll be releasing over the next 6 months! We have soooo many tracks now so it's getting harder and harder each time to pick which one of the bunch is up next!

Feature created by Ant Adams

LOWES' 'Elements EP' is out now.