Flohio - '10 More Rounds'


After a dark piano intro that introduces the South London rapper to the track, Flohio comes in strong on the Cadenza-produced track, spitting rhymes over a rapid drum beat filled with snare rasps and big bass strikes.

This is grime in its most organic form, allowing her to destroy the beat with her signature style. Flohio shows off how much she loves the game, taking you prisoner with her dynamic flow, proclaiming she’s a victim to no-one (“shit you say couldn’t bring me down, No my main thing is to maintain my grind, When this high no turning round”). 

“10 Rounds” is vicious, and so is the tone of how she raps every word. A metaphor for survival and destroying all the competition in the game, this is a boxing match of melody and seething words, with her force and aggression prevalent in every line – each word hitting you in the temple and showing you how hungry Flohio is, with lines like, “Bring my fist up to my chest, In my section I’m the best, Don’t tell me shit bout just rest.

The chorus line punches with every word, running parallel with the beat, and it’s a track you’ll keep on repeat. Flohio is an artist to be reckoned with, and if you’re a fan of the grime scene in all its glory, “10 Rounds” is a blistering rendition of everything the genre is respected for.

Words by Chris White