Meggie Brown - '10 out of 6'


Meggie Brown has released the follow up to her debut single, Coming Back Again, which was released in February of this year. Despite only having two songs under her belt, Meggie has gained a bit of a following on the underground music scene with help of the various gigs in small venues and a string of dates supporting Franz Ferdinand on tour.

Her post-punk sound translates into songs that you can’t help but shuffle to. You are lured in with her silky slick voice which transports you to a black and white movie about the despair of your life and the fight between the voices in your head. “She says it’s fine all of the time. How can it be fine all of the time?” 10/6 deals with the age-old topic of mental health. Meggie Brown mentions that the song is about “encouragement to let go of mistakes, to keep moving and cross your own private bridge before you’re pushed off it.”

10/6 will be Meggie Brown’s debut physical release, available on 7” vinyl via Hate Hate Hate Records, on 20th October.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly