Inspired #0011 - Sølv

CODEINE landscape press pic.jpg

Dark-popstar Sølv has been rapidly growing in the electric music scene over the past twelve months, with singles like ‘Codeine’ and ‘Dark Romance’ in her arsenal we are not surprised. She took a moment to talk to us about about why Wes Anderson is a genius, and why you should trust your instincts.

Who are your top three musical inspirations and why?

James Blake - When I first heard the drop in Limit To Your Love at 14 years old, everything changed for me. I’d never heard anything like it and from then on I was completely obsessed with his music. He’s a true genius and was one of the main reasons I wanted to start teaching myself music production and how I found my more electronic synth bass-led sound. I saw him live at the beginning of the year and he blew my mind. 

Lana del Rey - I remember sitting in the car listening to video games the first time Fern Cotton played it on Radio 1 and being entranced. She was another huge part of how I initially found my ‘sound’. Her music is so evocative, I love her songwriting style and the sexiness of her music.  I feel as if she’s something out of another era.

A$AP Rocky - His foresight into music and trends in general amazes me, and it seems just effortless. LSD is one of my favourite songs and has one of the best videos - I love that he part directed it himself and was even nominated for a Grammy - absolute life goals. The way he also collaborates with others and really utilises the creative people he has around him really inspires me. Oh and I would love to be let loose in his wardrobe. 

Is there a certain film that inspires you and why? 

Pulp Fiction and Grand Budapest Hotel are two of my favourites, Wes Anderson is a genius. I’ve written songs inspired by film before and get super inspired by the imagery and romanticism in movies. Another one I love is the YSL film, the cinematography is beautiful but the story line is raw and gripping. I wouldn’t say there’s specifically one film but I love finding new films to get inspired by. There’s nothing like that hour or two after of a film finishes and not being able to let go of the empathy for a character. Still being fully immersed in another world really helps me to write. 

What city do you find the most inspiring and why? 

Copenhagen - I first visited about four years ago and I just fell in love with it, I love how small it is yet the variety of each neighbourhood varies massively, I love the architecture, the people, the culture, just everything about it. There’s just something about the place that I feel a real connection to. It has a really magical feel, especially in the summertime - my favourite thing to do is to hire bikes and live like a local. I’ll never forget the sense of freedom I felt the first time cycling around the city just getting lost and seeing where we’d end up. On the other hand I moved to London in January this year and it never fails to inspire me, there really is that buzz here that everyone talks about. I love being here.

Who is the most inspiring person to you and why? 

I feel this is a somewhat cliche answer, and maybe it’s a generational thing of not being able to settle on one definitive answer... but I honestly get my inspiration from everyone, little parts of different people, the list is forever growing. From loved ones who surround me to the best of best in music or entrepreneurs, to a stranger in a coffee shop whose conversation I’ve overheard a snippet of.  I also love reading about people’s back-stories about how they got to where they are now, that really inspires me. 

How would you like to inspire people?

I think by just showing people to not compromise. If something feels right and you have a real vision in your head then go with it. Trust your instincts. A big part of my music is I love to do as much as I can myself and keep that control. I produce my songs, design the artwork, come up with photoshoot and video concepts etc. So I’d love to inspire people in that way.