Ailbhe Reddy - 'Shame'

Irish Indie Folk musician Ailbhe Reddy  pairs an ambient dance sensibility with the theme of depression on slick new single, 'Shame'. 

It is not in Ailbhe Reddy's nature to be seen as predictable. Reddy's music has been tortured and despondent, it's bled love, it's brought joy, it's been timeless, it's been bluesy, it's been folky, it's been dramatic and orchestral and this year Reddy has explored more modern electronic influences; first through 'Nothing To Doubt' and now with 'Shame'.   

Channeling a fresh and clean sound, 'Shame' is a chilled out track following on with a transfixing style of electronics  as seen in 'Nothing To Doubt' but also sees a softer side to Reddy's vocal which matches the upbeat nature of the song.  Reddy is currently at her most pop-centric and anthemic but has not lost her fiery spirit. I mean, watch out for the 2:19 mark when the track takes an a more boisterous, rockier form, lighting up with that passion and edge we have grown familiar of from an Ailbhe Reddy song. 

Thematically, 'Shame' is an important song addressing the stigma still associated with mental health, as Reddy looks inwards and shares her own experiences struggling with depression and the fear and uncertainty on how to speak about it. One way of raising awareness on such issues can be to normalise those feelings as best as possible, without trivialising them at all, and that's why it is great Reddy has created a song that feels rousing and comforting instead of focusing too much on the more painful aspects of depression.

Overall, 'Shame' sees Reddy retain her identity and authenticity while doing something a little different; executed in a way that should see her continue to satisfy fans of her original sound, while holding the door firmly open to welcome a fresh new batch of fans. 

Words of Karla Harris

Ailbhe Reddy will be performing live on our home turf of London at The Social on September 4th. Get down if you can!