Emily Magpie - 'Last Train'

Bristol based artist and multi-instrumentalist  Emily Magpie  shares enthralling new offering, 'Last Train' taken from her upcoming self-produced EP, 'Be Your Own Light' due out 8th October 2018.

Emily Magpie has been making a name for herself by creating songs inspired by the folk, electronic and pop genres with varying levels of intersection. 'Last Train' is arguably Emily Magpie's most determined and polished song to date and sets a very impressive precedence for what we can expect from her new EP to be released this Autumn. 

While the song is experimental indie electro at heart, it's a little more mainstream than previous releases and has a really edgy popular appeal. Emily Magpie has mastered one of my favourite things in music; pairing light, organic textures with a brooding darkness as 'Last Train' juxtaposes  ahing, shimmering finger-picked ukulele melodies (ps. i usually can't stand the sound of a ukulele, but i love this here) with gritty, pulsating beats that writhe with an otherworldly spirit.

'Last Time' takes its time, combining  a number of moods and evoking a mixture of real feelings through its dramatic execution as it teases its listener, heightening the expectation of what is next to come in the song's layers. There's even the little bit of playful funk and gorgeous soul thrown into the mix. While the production is of an exceptional quality -in my opinion - Emily Magpie's vocal is still the most stand-out aspect of the track, which just like the production, constantly contorts to show off a whole range of beautiful, transfixing,  potent, celestial facets.

I find something new to love about 'Last Train' upon every fresh listen and I hope you do too. 

Words of Karla Harris