Cyan Kicks - 'Satellite'

Helsinki alternative rock quartet Cyan Kicks bring a vibrant and energetic twist to the theme of a worn out relationship on current single, 'Satellite'. 

Combining alt rock influences with electro is not a new concept, but Cyan Kicks are creating music which brings a fresh burst of excitement and adrenaline to cross-over music of this vein.  'Satellite' is packaged to be passionate and emotional through its lyrical theme and vocal delivery, as lead vocalist Susanna Aleksandra's tone transitions between pure and blissful, to fierce and gritty, in a matter of fact manner as the band dissect and reflect on the breakdown of a relationship. 

Sonically, Cyan Kicks weave an intricate range of synth textures (with focus on cosmic nuances as reflected in the track's imagery) through raw and organic,  alt rock instrumentation. 'Satellite' orbits between spacious dynamics with room for the vocal to breathe, to exploring a relatively uptempo dance vibe, before coming back to its driving and layered, melodic alt rock core. It's an extremely catchy and meticulously crafted song that you can't help but gravitate towards. 

Words of Karla Harris