Lions Lions - 'Circles'

Boston rock quintet Lions Lions release the music video for energetic single, 'Circles' taken from their latest album, 'Monument'. 

This year Lions Lions celebrate their ten year anniversary and as a brand new listener to their sound,  this is very exciting for me because I have had a decade's worth of material to discover for the first time. In fact, Lions Lions have peaked this pushing 30 year old's interest so much, I have come out of my pretty permanent hiatus from writing about rock music of the post hardcore/ screamo veins. 

If like me, you missed out on getting to know Lion Lions music up until this point, ' Circles' is an awesome track to introduce new listeners to their music. At 2 minutes 38 seconds,  it's execution quick off the mark, immediate and wraps itself up nicely,  combining punchy percussion and a mixture of roaring and melodic riffs. 

Lead singer Joshua Herzer's vocal is passionate and engaging, never overshadowed by the track's voracious instrumentation as the band tackle the relatable theme of life's tendency to become repetitive or confusing, as guitarist Brandon Davis explains, "some of us go in circles for a bit before finding our way".

'Circles' is a firecracker of a track that pleasantly awoke my enjoyment for my favourite genres as a teenager, without making me feel like a teenager. That's some good shit.

Words of Karla Harris