Interpol - 'If You Really Love Nothing'

Photo credit: Jamie-James Medina

Photo credit: Jamie-James Medina

American indie rockers Interpol release  ‘If You Really Love Nothing’, the third single from their new album 'Marauder' which comes with a mesmerising video starring Kristen Stewart & Finn Wittrock.

 Directed by Hala Matar the video features both Kristen and Finn at this wild rock ‘n’ roll party full of chaos. The video is shot in Los Angeles and is presented with a lot of red lighting creating this brilliant night life effect which perfectly matches the style of the song & the punk attitude video. The video is very dark with a rock underground theme and not only does it match the style of ‘If You Really Love Nothing’ but it represents the theme of the band's new album 'Marauder'. 'Marauder' is a more experimental album from  Interpol which is darker then their previous albums, the visuals in the video show this and the direction they are heading in as a band. 

The addition of Kristen Stewart in the video is so key because she’s a great actress and she plays the role of a punk rock ‘n’ roll star so well, embodying a reckless attitude as the visuals see her do whatever the hell she wants to Finn Wittrock. This storyline intersects between visuals of the band performing in the video. The song also shows that all three members of the band have such an importance in this song. Paul Banks soulful vocals, Daniel Kessler’s perfect rhythm interplay & Sam Fogarino’s  killer punch on drums create the perfect balance for the song.

A fusion of romantic visuals and  a pure punk rock edge makes this a formidable video to support a great new single by Interpol. A faultless effort by everyone in the band and the production team who have created a great piece of art.

Words of Shaun Mulhern

'Marauder' is out now on Matador Records.