Introducing: True Colours

TrueColours Promo2.jpg

Let us introduce you to a brand new artist called True Colours. for those of you who love your emo, your hardcore and your hard rock, this artist ticks all the right boxes for all of them. 

What inspired you to start True Colours?

The past year I had been demoing and writing half written songs/ideas which built up. I didn’t think that I would go back into music after my last band as I was focusing on different paths such as starting my clothing line 2 years ago. Although I was enjoying these new experiences, it couldn’t compete with the feeling of creating music that you’re proud of. That reason lead me to give music one last try as a solo artist under the name of ‘True Colours’.

Are there any behind the scenes stories or interesting facts about your debut single ‘Bring Me Down’?

Bring Me Down was an idea that started in the shower. For some reason in that moment, I felt in the zone and creative, which is why I spent a total of 1hr 30 mins in the shower trying to complete the structure and basics of the song. The song was also the reason to why my water bill was very high that month.

What are the inspirations and concepts behind the single?

The concept of Bring Me Down is mainly about reflecting on yourself and trying to see the bigger picture of situations. The concept also edges around how important trust is, whether that would be in a relationship or friendship and the consequences when that trust is broken.

What is your favourite lyric off the single and why?

In the heavier section there is a line ‘Time heals wounds but scars remain’. That line was something I always used to say when advising people during a difficult stage they were going through, a year a go I could relate to that line myself, so it always stuck.

What are your plans for the upcoming months? What are you most looking forward to?

Bring Me Down was written almost a year ago, since then I feel the material I have been writing is stronger and I can’t wait to release the next single. I’m looking forward to getting out on the road again, meeting new people and just doing what I love the most.

Feature by Athena Kam