Cerian - 'Wasteland'

London-based singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Cerian releases her captivating debut single, 'Wasteland' feat. Robert Taira Wilson. 

Cerian's 'Wasteland' originally presents itself as a pure, piano-led pop song that fans of Meadowlark's 'Eyes Wide' and Oh Wonder's 'All We Do' would really connect with.  But 'Wasteland' is much than its familiar, atmospheric melodies. It's an introspective and ethereal tune built on indie, pop, alt, folk and classical influences, tinged with the most palpable feeling of loneliness and fear which resonates deeply with its listener. 

In its entirety 'Wasteland' is a breathtaking, emotive, punch to the gut. Cerian has that rare type of compelling vocal that effortlessly captures its listener's attention with its extraordinary range and purity. From her folk-leaning, acoustic demos on her Soundcloud page, to the intricately produced,  dramatically building tracks like this; Cerian's vocal remains the  focal point, complimented on 'Wasteland' wonderfully by the gorgeous tones of Robert Taira Wilson. 

'Wasteland' is the first song to be taken from Cerian's upcoming EP, 'Caught In The Dark' and examines the phantoms that haunt our minds in the middle of the night, both thematically and sonically,  as Cerian has added haunting, textures (mostly vocally) providing a dreamy, ghostly feeling to the track. This allows the song to soar with a spiritual freedom without losing its cerebral, concrete roots that anchor listener emotionally. Combining accessibility and deeply personal touches, 'Wasteland' is a flawlessly executed track exploring both the vulnerability and the resilience of the human condition in such a relatable, matter of fact, way - this song stays with you even after the music has stopped. 

Words of Karla Harris