Cordovas – 'Talk to Me'


Feel good country folk comes courtesy of Cordovas new track, ‘Talk to Me’.

‘Talk to Me’ is a classic country/roots rock song, the same style of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones Exile on Main Streetalbum and Neil Young’s country-folk tunes. Joe Firstman is pining after a loved one, opening with: ‘Did you ever think of me when you’re driving up the street?’ It isn’t a rehash of other country songs – it takes inspiration from traditional songs and gives it a kick and modern feel. ‘Talk to Me’ never sounds outdated.

‘Talk to Me’, therefore, is a great track for (what’s left of) the summer. It’s great for an afternoon spent drinking, chilling out with your mates and having a good time. It has a catchy sing along approach that is reminiscent of Creedence’s ‘Willy and the Poor Boys’. There are lead guitar breaks that sound almost as if they have been lifted from Mick Taylor’s guitar work on ‘Dead Flowers’. The lap steel isn’t a ghostly and sorrowful whine, it’s dreamy and reminds listens of a cool summer breeze. The drums are energetic, the piano is played with gusto, and the backing vocals encourage listeners to sing along. With the song being short and sweet at just over two and a half minutes long, it adds a little more energy than the drawl that can be attached with country music.

Cordovas capture a sense of loss but present it in a heartfelt and optimistic sense. If you’re feeling low, ‘Talk to Me’ will give you a little comfort and make you get back out there!

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst