The Joy Formidable - 'The Wrong Side'


The Joy Formidable have just released a trippy, kaleidoscopic music video to their latest single, 'The Wrong Side'. Each member of the alternative band from Wales, are painted in a psychedelic light, roaming through a world of darkness and eventually being the source of light that dominates.

'The Wrong Side' is instrumentally a disjointed, energetic, and almost chaotic combination of many layered guitar parts that weave their way through a drum beat which cruises by in the background, only making itself known in the quieter parts of the song, for dramatic effect – “You’re on the wrong side” almost bursts through your headphones, in an unexpected way. 

A sort of collage is created with the many layers of this video and you can tell that The Joy Formidable are experimenting with different creative parts of themselves. As explained by Rhiannon ‘Ritzy’ Bryan, guitarist and lead singer; “With life not always being that kind, you can either go down a really dark hole or you can smear yourself with colour and reverie and try to forget.” and this is also mirrored in some of the lyrics; “The voices from the pasts, they say the future will be kinder. They live in all our memories, just some of us need reminding.”  

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly

The Wrong Side is off the upcoming record, ‘AAARTH’, which will be released on September 26th .