No/Me - 'Consistent'

Los Angeles-based vocalist and songwriter No/Me makes her debut with tenebrous single, ‘Consistent’ out now via Republic Records.

’Consistent’ is one of those huge, fierce, hypnotic songs that cannot be contained. Opening enticingly yet at a relaxed pace, ‘Consistent’ teases its listener in, soon growing to see the song seem to break out out of its structure, each sound becoming a menace as you imagine each sonic element crawling up the walls and taking on the form of shadows. No/Me’s distinctive and enthralling vocal is the insane flickering light that both casts and controls those shadows as the track writhes with so much dark, magical life, it leaves its listener feeling dumbfounded by its awesomeness.

Citing influences from early 90s alt-rock, to quirky anti-folk to Israeli music, ‘Consistent’ sees No/Me create a wholly enthralling sound that falls into its own freaky category of goodness. Despite carving out its own identity and owning its peculiarities, ‘Consistent’ also manages to straddle the line of accessiblity, remaining melodic with its pop undertones in its vocal melody as thematically, No/Me holds a mirror up to her relatable flaws while also embracing them for all that they are.

I want to push the buzzer for most impressive and consuming debut of the year please.

Words of Karla Harris