Billie Marten - 'Mice'


Have you ever wondered why, when in a melancholic or self-doubting mood, we seem to find solace in sad songs? Some people say that you’re just making yourself suffer more, whilst others say that finding something that relates to your mood, can help lift it.

Billie Marten’s latest release ‘Mice’ covers both of these topics and whilst there is a little rain cloud of gloom hanging over her words, that pools around the base of the simple guitar and drum instrumental, there is still an air of hope in her silky falsetto voice as it contradicts itself in lyrics “sat on a dead man’s bench; the sun calls my name.”

Mice’ is the first taste of new music from Marten, since releasing her debut album in 2016. Telling how the song was written on a miserable day in Cornwall last year, Marten says; “I felt sort of empty and lacking a lot of purpose. Mice came out of that sentiment which is why the drums are so lethargic and lazy.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly