Pizzagirl - 'highschool'


Get ready for the schoolbus and stick photos of your crush on the inside of your locker, it’s time to head to the highschool of Pizzagirl’s dreams.

The latest release from the thin crust bedroom-pop artist (real name Liam Brown), ‘Highschool’ is the first taste of his upcoming EP ‘season 2’ and it’s clear where his inspiration comes from. The track is a yankeephile dreamscape fresh out of Dazed and Confused. The Liverpool native sounds like he’s stepped out of a glossy fantasy America, a world of red cups and teenagers with astoundingly clear skin.

Sparkling eighties inspired synths and soft layered vocals are imbued with nostalgia but it doesn’t feel outdated. This is nostalgia for something that can only exist on the silver screen, which perhaps explains the hint of melancholy. 

The hook “sometimes I think you think I’ve lost my cool” might seem vapid, but it ties into a need for approval and a loss of something you never really had in the first place that we all experience at some point. 

Highschool’ is a delirious fantasy that floats by on a stream of synthesisers, yet avoids feeling shallow by reflecting something universal about that carefree yet utterly socially scarring time in our lives. Or maybe I’m just projecting some of my Year 10 social trauma.

Regardless, there’s one thing you need to know about Pizzagirl. On Wednesdays he wears pink.

Also his EP comes out in November and if this single is anything to go by it’ll be totally fetch.

Words by Hattie Long