Pom Poko - 'Follow The Lights'


Scandi-pop? Norway, this is great! (sorry)

I think Pom Poko are a band you're just never gonna work out. Despite their songs having similar tones, each one is wildly different. They're not a band designed for music critics who attempt to pigeonhloe them before they've even heard them. Which obviously is a good thing. Because it means that each song is an elaborate, juicy treat just waiting to worm inside your mind. "Follow the Lights" is no "Jazz Baby" in its catchiness, but it offers something different to what we've heard from this Norweigan group. They've mentioned their love of jazz and funk, now they add the blues to their ever expanding list of influences.

"Follow the Lights" moves away from the giddy immediate pace of their previous singles, instead of focusing on a heady stomp that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the first couple of Zep records, if of course they were produced by DFA. However, Pom Poko's irresistable energy shines through as soon as the vocals and guitar of the chorus comes in. Fizzing with joy and creativity, it hits you with a blast of noise that brings to mind St. Vincent's "Cruel"- just an untamed, howling beast version of "Cruel". Word is already out about these guys, but don't listen to what anyone says. Because the next song is just going to be a complete change from the last. So believe me when I say that Pom Poko could be your next favourite rock band. Or funk band. Or jazz fusion band. You get the picture. More cowbell please!

Words by James Kitchen