Illicit Ghost - 'Drunk and Alone'

Brooklyn-based based producer, violinist and songwriter Illicit Ghost searches for inner harmony on her debut single, ‘Drunk and Alone’.

Opening with affecting piano notes, before diving straight into a rolling hip hop beat, ‘Drunk and Alone’ sees Illicit Ghost draw on both organic and electronic textures to create an emotive, haunting and raw electro pop song. Co-produced with Elliot Jacobson (Vérité, Allie X) ‘Drunk and Alone’ is cleverly underproduced yet very striking.

Written during a blizzard, there’s a chill to the track that hits its listener in flurries of emotion. There’s fittingly a ghostly, sombre feel to the production, but it feels more like a rebirthing than eerie, as if it’s reflecting new beginnings and an optimism, which culminates during a really moving and uplifting violin arrangement during the end of the track. This reminded me of the string touches that Yellowcard brought to rock music during their heyday.

Illicit Ghost explains, “drunk and alone” is a metaphor for being able to sit alone with myself and process the pain that life will inevitably throw my way and to still find some sort of happiness and find the good in it.” Despite the sadness in the song, the track sees Illicit Ghost searching for herself and laying the ghosts of her former self to rest as she realises that life goes on and she can restart, find peace and focus on self-care.

This debut showcases a refreshing blend of influences that should prove to be very popular as Illicit Ghost prepares to release more music, scheduled to hit our ears in 2019. Watch this space.

Words of Karla Harris