Nightseason - 'Dying In The Heat'

Alternative/ Indie duo Nightseason find themselves stuck in a relationship that has started to wilt on new single, ‘Dying In The Heat’.

Nightseaons is the project of drummer/producer Patrick Zeinali and Jordan Caoila who combine rock, hip hop and electronic production to create a multifaceted hybrid sound worth checking out. Following in the footsteps of ‘Strangers’ ‘Dying In The Heat’ is the second single to be released from Nightseason’s forthcoming EP which sees the band shift gears and up the intensity.

Where ‘Strangers’ is a chilled indie pop track channeling summer vibes, ‘Dying In The Heat’ is a dark, torrid maelstrom of heightened passion and emotion. The force of the song is felt in the track’s roaring electro, its jittery guitar and drum arrangements, but more so, in Jordan’s huge vocal that straddles grunge and blues, as he reflects, “I’ve been trying to please you, I’ve been dying in the heat of your love”.

On the track Nightseason explains, "'Dying In The Heat' is about getting caught up in the routine of a relationship. It's about how much people will give just to remain in their comfortable routine of a relationship even though it may not be worth it in the end and leaving for someone who will appreciate and value them more might be the better option." 

As the track progresses thematically, Jordan’s vocal becomes more feverish and frantic as he booms, “It is you… you make me never want to fall in love” before ominously forecasting, “there’s a storm coming”, but it feels like it has already arrived.

Words of Karla Harris