FLØRE - 'Flowered Guts'

Germany’s FLØRE makes her stirring debut with exposed electro pop offering, ‘Flowered Guts’.

Opening sparsely with an affecting acoustic guitar melody and ethereal manipulated vocal samples, ‘Flowered Guts’ gets off to an instantly captivating and vulnerable start before FLØRE’s gorgeous emo inflected vocal kicks in. ‘Flowered Guts’ is a lyric-led song seeing the production atmospherically bloom around the sweet yet darkly poetic lyrics that roll off FLØRE’s tongue with an honesty and modesty that makes it very easy to like her.

FLØRE, who self-produces her music on her iPad, has delivered a touching song rooted in emotion showcasing a clever understanding of suspenseful, dark dramatics - without losing its warm energy. This is the perfect contrast to the purity of her vocal and her unguarded lyrical delivery.

Thoughtfully crafted, ‘Flowered Guts’ feels purposeful in its restrain; firstly showing off FLØRE’s appeal and capabilities as a singer-songwriter, while slowly giving her listeners insight into her skill and vision as a producer. An impressive introduction indicating the start of something very special.

Words of Karla Harris