Mansionair - ‘Falling’


Sydney-based trio Mansionair release their expansive new track, ‘Falling’.

There’s a delicacy to the newest track by Mansionair that will make you fall head over heels for it. For me, it’s one of the most gorgeous tracks that have been released by the trio, with it’s earnest yearning and dainty melodies. It feels like floating on top of cotton candy clouds - sweet and liberating, with an easiness in it’s groove that flows like honey.

An airy opening introduces the listener; a gentle guitar line provides a hypnotic backing whilst whispers of high notes wrap their way around you. Vocalist Jack Froggatt’s tenderly croons, “I think I’ll borrow tomorrow’s happiness for today”, and as the dulcet melody settles inside you, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the words to describe the inner peace it brings. Pulling together poignant lyricism with subtle melodies, hints of bittersweetness surface amongst expansive soundscapes. Pulsating synths ripple underneath, breathing a forward momentum into the track. Dreamy electronics join the texture as the track grows into a full-bodied work before washing away, leaving a sweet aftertaste long after the last note has passed.

On the track, the band explains, “Falling is about holding onto the people around you, learning from your mistakes and accepting the highs and lows life throws at you.” And as you listen to the track, just close your eyes and feel your worries fall away, as the soft textures wash over you. 

Words by Athena Kam

Catch the band at their upcoming live dates.

Nov 12 - Brighton - Patterns

Nov 13 - London - Scala

Nov 14 - Glasgow - Stereo

Nov 15 - Manchester - Soup Kitchen