Esbie Fonte - 'Boulevard'

Esbie Fonte lets us in on a more sophisticated and joyful side to her sound through new release, ‘Boulevard’.

Esbie Fonte seems to be on an upward trajectory of joy and romanticism with not one love song (Pico & Westwood), but two to have been unveiled recently. ‘Boulevard’ is actually the first song Esbie wrote and produced upon moving to LA and what’s really special here is that this is the most exposed we have heard her vocal to date, with some parts of the track completely A ccapella.

’Boulevard’ is a love song built around a bouncy piano melody, dreamy textures and this really cool sound that reminded me of the shutter snap of a vintage camera; this gives an extra special touch to not only the vintage jazzy undertones within the track, but the whole old school Hollywood-esque cinematic feel to the song which makes this a really imaginative piece of music.

There’s an innate pureness embedded deep within ‘Boulevard’’s bones and this shines most brightly in the song’s personal lyrical content. This is the most unblemished we have heard Esbie’s music so far, but it still twinkles with those oddball, Esbie touches that her fans and supporters have grown so fond of. I’m really glad ‘Boulevard’ has been released at this stage of Esbie’s LA journey. It’s a lovely, unguarded look at not only the first song that started this new chapter for her, but Esbie’s music in its most relaxed form. This is a waltzy, wonderful, diamond of a song. Get listening!

Words of Karla Harris

Stream on Spotify, here.