Minor Birds - 'Luna'

Minor Birds shares spellbinding new single, ‘Luna’ taken from the boundary-pushing new album, ‘Bestiary’.

‘Luna’ opens with the invigorating sounds of a classical piano arrangement that grows more exhilarating with the introduction of dark electronic beats. Taking the song at face value, we are first led to believe ‘Luna’ is a gorgeous instrumental piece, but this is one of those tracks which really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Minor Birds is the project of singer-songwriter/pianist Chelsea Wilde whose vocal is immediately entrancing. Slightly washed out yet fully engaging, Wilde’s vocal breathes new, dark, poetic life into the piece of music at around the 1:40 mark. This surprising, yet completely welcome introduction adds a deeper layer of emotion and mystery to the song. Wilde’s vivid storytelling combines fantasy and realism to create an emotive folklore narrative that puts the human condition and our intrinsic emotions under the microscope.

‘Luna’ is a strikingly beautiful cut, rich in imagery and emotion and is taken from Minor Birds new album, ‘Bestiary’. ‘Bestiary’ is made up of 11 dramatic, genre-defying tracks which draws on indie, folk, electronica, piano-rock and some darker, doomier influences. Each track is connected through Minor Birds incredible bones as a singer-songwriter whose vocal range cries out from melancholic and moody to ethereal, wild wails, seeing ‘Bestiary’ constantly shifting sonic directions to keep its listener on their toes; guaranteeing each story is truly heard.

Words of Karla Harris