Estrons - ‘Body’


Welsh alt-rockers Estrons have released a third single from their highly anticipated debut album.

Estrons are back with the third cut from their upcoming album, and it’s a return to the raucous energy we have come to associate with the band. Packed full of punching riffs and hot-blooded vocals, it’s a tour de force that will leave you yearning for more.

Opening with a low bass riff that will form the backbone of the track, it’s evident from the outset that this is a song brimming with unapologetic confidence for what it represents. Thick and gritty, it contrasts against the melodious vocals of Tali Källström as it cuts over the top. The ‘oh, oh, oh’s drip with attitude, and the vocals obtain a rougher edge as we get flung headfirst into the chorus with Tali’s powerful high shouts. The lyrics in the chorus share a similarly impenitent attitude to the instruments as Tali sneers, “Cause I can do that, like that, only better”, and this self-confidence drives the unrepentant character of the track. We’re thrusted into a dreamy haze for the bridge, as velvety vocal harmonies layer over each other and guitars cloud over you for a moment away from the battering, before a hammering drum brings you back for a climatic final chorus. There’s a primal energy to be found in this track, as it struggles, barely constrained by the rhythmic instrumentals.

When discussing the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Body’, Tali says, “Resist the paradigms of our digital world, that demands a status of sanitised and pristine physical attractiveness, regardless of truth or fact. Choose not to follow. Search for truth in yourself.” The defiance against digital norms can certainly be felt within the track, and you will be roused to join in this rebellion. As you listen to the track, it’s not so much a feeling that can be controlled, but more an instinct that demands to unleash itself and we urge you to just let your body rock to ‘Body’.

Words by Athena Kam

Catch the band at their upcoming live dates.

06 Oct: Portsmouth, Dials Festival

13 Oct: Middlesborough, Twisterella Festival

14 Oct: Llanelli, Llanelli Library 

01 Nov: Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall

02 Nov: Glasgow, King Tut's

03 Nov: Newcastle, Think Tank

07 Nov: Manchester, Soup Kitchen

08 Nov: Bristol, Louisiana

09 Nov: Nottingham, Bodega

14 Nov: Exeter, Cavern

15 Nov: Birmingham, Castle & Falcon

16 Nov: Brighton, Green Door Store

17 Nov: Caernarfon, Galeri

23 Nov: Carmarthen, The Parrot

06 Dec: Cardiff, Globe

07 Feb: London, Scala