Harry Strange - 'Signs' / 'Heaven Knows' / 'Back Around'

London based artist Harry Strange releases emotional and intelligently crafted new electronic-leaning single, ‘Signs’.

Last year Harry Strange made his debut with ‘Back Around’ which showcased not only his strength as an singer-songwriter with his incredible vocal and emotive, lyric led content at the forefront of the song; but his ear for an affecting instrumental melody in its minimal piano-led production. ‘Heaven Knows’ followed, playing with ethereal, reverent nuances while drawing on the same sincerity and emotion that made fans so overwhelmed by his debut. Strange also added some subtle electronic textures, pairing organic and synthetic influences in a really beautiful way.

New single ‘Signs’ sees Strange delve even deeper into electronic production without losing the intimacy and emotion that underpins his authenticity. ‘Signs’ embraces a dark, brooding tone, additionally featuring minimal, spacious moments of production which work really well to give breathing space to the conflicted and more difficult aspects of the lyrics.

Thematically, ‘Signs’ examines the dangerous theme of bottling up feelings during difficult times; exploring the loneliness, frustration and pain of trying to connect and communicate with someone who is struggling but shut down. As the track progresses and delves deeper into its poignant storytelling, Strange’s vocal becomes more impassioned and frenzied, ending the song on an exhausting and powerful climax. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Harry Strange.

Words of Karla Harris