Squid – ‘The Dial’


Eccentric and edgy – a couple of words that come to mind with Squid’s new release ‘The Dial’.

‘The Dial’ is an indie post punk track that hints at influences from the ‘70s New York punk scene such as Television, Richard Hell and Talking Heads, as well as more recent bands, for instance Modest Mouse. ‘The Dial’ opens with a funky dance vibe and staccato guitars, followed by a harsh scream and an avalanche of crashing drums. Picture Roxy Music pissed off.

The brilliance that lies in Squid’s latest single is the simple and unbelievably catchy verse lyrics: ‘The dial doesn’t change, no the dial stays the same’. Its manic repetition enhances the song subject of “a loved one suffering from a horrible illness.” It’s simple and effect, intelligent but not out of touch for the listeners.

The instrumentation is fascinating too. There’s another funky guitar riff following the second ‘scream’ section, but the excellent musicianship is revealed in the dreamy interlude, featuring slow bluesy atmospheric guitar leads and high-pitched whispers. It builds up in an intense crescendo with new riffs and octave guitar parts, followed by wacky keyboard sounds, suggesting just how diverse Squid are.

Squid are one of the most interesting new bands currently around, and we are all in for a treat if ‘The Dial’ is anything to go by.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst