Iselin - ‘Lost’


Norwegian songstress Iselin has one of those voices that will draw you in immediately with it’s sweetness. And in combination with sweeping synths, it’s a gorgeous, dreamy haze that you’ll want to get lost in forever. ‘Lost’ is a fine example of the magic that can be created by music, and serves as a strong sophomore single.

Opening with breathy vocals and subtle electronics, it’s a stripped-back, exposed introduction that stuns in it’s simplicity. Iselin’s voice is so good that it doesn’t need much accompaniment, and is powerful enough to stand by itself. Building through emotional verses to an honest and captivating chorus, the textures of vocals layered over each other creates a finely-balanced soundscape. The lyricism will hit home with it’s poignancy, as the lost feelings that Iselin sings of will have struck at some point in your life. Within her own personal narrative, she has managed to create a universal space for listeners to pour their emotions into.

Speaking of the track, Iselin says, “Lost is probably one of the most personal and emotional songs I’ve ever written. That terrifies me a bit to be honest, but at the same time it feels good to release something that just came straight from the heart. I wrote it with the amazing songwriters and producers Mad Fun (Fanny Hultman & Madeleine Eliasson), and it was a very special day for me in the studio. I think and hope the song speaks for itself, but mainly it's about letting go of something that meant a lot to you, and how it affects you in so many ways when you know that part of your life is over.” 

‘Lost’ is something special, and it’s another step for the Norwegian singer as she begins crafting her own corner in the musical world. 

Words by Athena Kam