The Artist Explains: Clover The Girl - 'O.K. Fine'

Texas Alternative Pop outfit Clover The Girl talks to us about the quirky and mischievous visuals for new single, ‘O.K. Fine’ which addresses mental health problems and the conflicted emotions that go with smiling through the hurt.
Clover The Girl’s authentic alt pop has a hard hitting edge and a huge fiery heart, seeing them creatively channeling the same kind of ethos that makes artists like Sia so intriguing.

Clover the Girl Explains:
Where was the video for O.K. Fine filmed? 
O.K. Fine was filmed in Los Angeles with award winning directing duo McCoy | Meyer who have been the team behind music videos for other notable artists like Fall Out Boy.

How does the video connect with the song?
The video connects with the song in a few ways- There is always more than meets the eye with anyone you meet. The three personalities you will meet in the video are symbolic to me of the internal conflict between myself and my dialogue(s) with myself. Usually more than three voices typically!

Are there any behind the scenes stories you could let us in on? 
I actually caught the flu three days prior to filming this video. I was VERY sick during filming. I barely remember it due to all of the cold meds etc. Apparently Michael Jordan played his best game with the flu. I've never played basketball but am pretty proud I survived this music video shoot.

Could you tell us about the ideas/ themes/ imagery used? 
My favourite look from the video is my drummer Landon and I in suits. The look was inspired by a Nirvana magazine cover but to my represents all of the people who get up, get dressed up, and work a 9-5 everyday living with the same thoughts and feelings as me. Everyone's mask looks different but we all hurt.

Is there a message the video is trying to convey?
I like to address mental health in all kinds of ways, the goal here being to make talking about how we feel as casual as a pop song.

Interview Feature by Karla Harris

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