Land Of Trees - 'My Heart Beneath My Hat'

Swedish indie-folk artist Land Of Trees shares emotional and uplifting offering, ‘My Heart Beneath My Hat’ taken from his second full-length album, ‘Small Steps Ahead’.

One of my favourite things about Land Of Trees’ is the way he creates songs that tap into the earthy, organic elements of our planet and connect with the beauty of the natural world. His songs make you feel like you’re outside, breathing in clean forest air, standing on mountains, peacefully watching clouds pass through our expansive skies. Or sitting by clear lakes in the summertime and watching the water flow freely.

There’s a meditative quality to Land Of Trees vocal which is fundamentally nurturing, however, it’s born from the notion that you have to be brave and honest and feel life’s pains. His music is a reminder that you have to journey through the hurt to be able to heal and find peace.‘My Heart Beneath My Hat’ is a beautiful yet heart-wrenching song that takes the pain and grows stronger. The song taps into the more classical and rootsy side of folk music with its dramatic percussion and upbeat string arrangements. What is most startling is how the instrumentals sections of ‘My Heart Beneath My Hat’ cry out and resonate so deeply you almost feel like there’s secret lyrics to them that have you singing along to words never to have been written.

Produced by Alexander Asp, ‘Small Steps Ahead’ is sonically and thematically an album that can be experienced so vividly, they transport their listener somewhere else, without losing the realism in the track’s emotional themes. Basically, Land Of Trees music takes the shadows of the forest and reminds us there’s beauty to be found everywhere. They serve as a reminder that fear and hurt and heartbreak are beasts that can be beaten if you just keep the faith and transition through life’s changes as gracefully as you can; just like the seasons do each year.

Words of Karla Harris