Monuments - 'Leviathan'


Monuments recently put out their brand new single Leviathan and it’s an absolute cracker of a tune. As a band their sound has grown so much since their first studio album ‘Gnosis’ from way back in 2012. Fans know Monuments to be this crazy progressive band with insanely composed songs, read on…

Leviathan’s intro fades in to a huge, destructive riff that is very engaging and head bangingly infectious. Chris Barretto then adds his vocal talent into the mix filled with aggression and power. Leviathan’s lyrical content is accessible to many as it tackles how sometimes we all have negative and destructive people that we must deal with and what it’s like carrying that kind of stress on your shoulders – It’s certainly not a ‘Happy’ subject but nonetheless one that I’m certain many people will have experienced in one form or another. 

Leviathan was recorded at several difference studio’s; Treehouse Studios, Ex-Drummer Anup Sasdry’s home studio and finally Soundwars Studios whilst the mixing and mastering was taken care of by Joel Wanasek at JTW Music. So, as you can tell they like to explore all options before committing to the final product.

Monuments guitarists John Browne and Olly Steele wrote Leviathan and it is definitely a step away from the crazier riffage that fans would be familiar with but that’s not to put it in a negative light at all. A change of pace in any artist is integral in their progression as a relevant musician/creative. In my opinion Leviathan would sit comfortably next to bands the likes of ‘Of Mice & Men’ or ‘Nothing More’ of course with obvious differences but hey, if I saw those three bands on a line up together I wouldn’t complain!

Words by Pete Herbert