Single Mothers – ‘Switch Off’


Single Mothers attempt to distance themselves from past demons at blistering pace in ‘Switch Off’.

84 seconds is all Single Mothers need. The band utilise the classic hardcore punk, ala The Germs and Bad Brains, with great effect, creating a sneering piece of fury that will make you shiver with excitement. There is no messing around when it comes to getting straight to the point in ‘Switch Off’. It’s a song about self-reflection, learning from your past and stepping forward. But it touches on the limitations we face as human beings trying to get on with our lives. As Drew Thomson puts it: “‘All I had to do was switch off’ – sounds easy, but it ain’t. Most demons just don’t go away.”

The instrumentation is comparable to Orchestra of Wolves era Gallows – heavy riffing, screeching guitar leads and ferocious vocals. It’s not mindless noise, however. In such a short amount of time, Single Mothers change tempo, riffs and throw in a couple of guitar solos for good measure. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s worth repeated listens. 

In ‘Switch Off’, Single Mothers continue the vicious hardcore punk rock style that is found in earlier songs such as ‘Christian Girls’, but the band sounds meaner, yet more mature, which will appeal to both old and new fans.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst