The Music That Made Me #0004 - Billy Davis


Aussie soul-pop star Billy Davis has got our feet moving with his new track ‘Shoulda Known’ with it’s uplifting melody and RnB soul vibes, he had a chat with us about the Doobie Brothers and Frank Ocean.

What was the first song/album you listened to?
Doobie Brothers - ‘What a Fool Believes’. Was legit the first song in my memory that actually got my attention and made me start noticing music growing up. 

Which song/album is your guilty pleasure? 
Christina Aguilera - ‘Dirty’. That song is timeless 
Album - Backstreet Boys- ‘Backstreets Back’

What song/album do you wish you wrote? 
Daniel Caeser - ‘H.E.R Best Part’
Queen - ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’
Frank Ocean - ‘Channel Orange’ 
Legit both iconic. Blessed to be alive when these were created.

What song/album gets your dancing?
Cameo - ‘Candy’
Paak - ‘Malib’
Any day of the week
Get me hopping!

Which song/album do you think describes you the most as a person?
Mac Miller - ‘Come Back To Earth’
Beach Boys - ‘Pet Sounds’

What was your favorite song/album last year? 
Mac Miller- ‘Come back to Earth’ 
Mac Miller - ’Swimming’