Benjamin Francis Leftwich - 'Look Ma!'


Achieving his goal of wanting to release three albums in his twenties, Benjamin Francis Leftwich has released another new single that sees him taking a different direction with his music.  

‘Look Ma!’ opens with haunting vocals that sound like a distorted hymn, as the piano tinkers on in the background. BFL’s comforting ashen vocals come in the form of exploration and hope; “there is not a sound, but I pray just for today.” Look Ma! moves away from the acoustic-folk genre that we normally hear from Leftwich, and following on from his latest EP ‘I Am With You’ the sound is more ambient and polished, with there being synthetic drums, hints of deep electronica and more use of synths. 

‘Look Ma!’ seems to tell the tale of dealing with your struggles and showing the ones you love, just how far you have come – “Through the chaos and the calm, I found some comfort in my heart.” In the last two years, there has slowly been a progression through Leftwich’s sound. It feels safe to assume that he is embracing a different side to himself and we look forward to going on that journey with him, as he is never afraid to get a little personal within the songs.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s third album ‘Gratitude’ will be released on 15thMarch via Dirty Hit. He will also be touring from March, through to April.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly