Michael Gallagher - 'Pull Me Aside'


Michael Gallagher continues to establish himself as a big hitter in the North East music scene with his new single, ‘Pull Me Aside’.

A hometown hero of mine, the Hartlepool-born guitarist is one of many acts that are emerging from the seaside town, along with the likes of PLAZA, Para Alta, and Giraffes to name a few. Gallagher has been working hard to become a prominent figure in the fast-growing North-East scene. Delighting audiences across the region with his atmospheric, guitar-led anthems and uniquely raw vocal style.  

2018 was a busy year for Gallagher in terms of writing new material, garnering the releases of ‘All Night’ and ‘Real Love’. The artist really honed his craft on the local live circuit, with his performance at last summer’s Evolution Emerging in Newcastle being a personal highlight of the festival.

‘Pull Me Aside’ certainly seems to be a reward for Gallagher’s hard work throughout the last year, the guitar hook catches your attention straight away, drawing comparisons with early Catfish and The Bottlemen.

This atmospheric riff is perfectly coupled with what I believe to be Gallagher’s strongest vocal yet. Gallagher takes it up another notch especially towards the end of the track, with the raw emotion felt in each word as he speaks honestly about the struggles of everyday life.

‘Pull Me Aside’ is a track that will resonate with people on a personal level, and is a great start to what I expect to be a breakout year for Michael Gallagher.

Words by Danial Kennedy