DAKOTA - 'Four Leaf Clover'

Photo credit:  Lisa Brammer

Photo credit: Lisa Brammer

Amsterdam-based band DAKOTA share hazy post-punk single, ‘Four Leaf Clover’ taken from their imminent debut album, ‘Here's The 101 On How To Disappear’ out on February 8th.

DAKOTA bring the perfect blend of washed out, melancholia and dreamy summer tones on their new single, ‘Four Leaf Clover’. What is especially admirable about DAKOTA is that every member of the band and their respective position in the band is very much heard. DAKOTA are tight and create a full sound without one instrument overshadowing the other and I love that a lot that each member is integral to each record.

‘Four Lead Clover’ is an engaging track which leaves its listener excitingly waiting for each new instrument to intricately drift in and out of the soundscape. It’s a song that blissfully evokes nostalgia as it draws from shimmery dream pop influences, but the band thicken the sound out with their garage rock influences, adding a deeply melodic and atmospheric anchor to the song as it is catapulted forward with its solid, groove-inducing driving rhythms and strong lyrical delivery.

Thematically, the song takes a cynical approach to love as it explores the rarity of relationships lasting or remaining happy when life gets in the way and compares the idea of good relationships to finding a rare four leaf clover. One of the most poignant lyrics of the song is, “I’ll change for you… I always do” highlighting how we even compromise ourselves when we are desperate to make things work out and that’s not always enough for a doomed relationship. This is something we also realise on hindsight when we look back on how that relationship really was and compare it to how we think it should have been.

We’re all looking for that something perfect; that spark, that high and in the beginning we can’t believe we’ve finally found it, but then life happens and it seems like what we thought we had, was something else entirely. It was not close to a perfect relationship and it was not the four leaf clover; it was just worthless weed and “ill weed grows apace".

If you like Warpaint, you’ll love DAKOTA.

Words of Karla Harris