The Swoons - 'Lost Frequency' (with Transviolet)

Indie pop/electronic outfit The Swoons team up with Transviolet to reflect on distance and lost connections in friendships/ relationships on chill new single, ‘Lost Frequency’.

In their separate careers, both The Swoons and Transviolet have incorporated electronic and RnB influences into their indie pop sounds to create some really memorable tracks so it’s lovely to see them come together and exaggerate that sophisticated ambient RnB sound on their new release, ‘Lost Frequency’.
Sonically, the track moves through a soulful looped piano arrangement and pulls on richer indie and electronic textures, remaining punchy with a mellow pop kick without losing its laid back, lounge vibe that is effortlessly relaxing.

The vocals are shared between The Swoons and Transviolet given a nice split narrative between the male/ female perspective, coming together smoothly to harmonise as the production swirls and pulsates with crisp, clean organic and electronic textures. What’s great in particular about the execution of ‘Lost Frequency’ is how The Swoons and Transviolet chose to keep the song free from tension, despite the song depicting the bittersweet feeling of distance, separation and losing touch with someone you was once close to.

Instead, the song is thoughtful and maturely accepting of the situation. There is emotion in the song, but it’s packaged to be reflective and wizened as opposed to melancholic and angsty. Letting go and moving on doesn’t always have to be this huge dramatic outpouring of emotion and that’s what ‘Lost Frequency’ captures. It’s also really nice to hear The Swoons sound complimented by a female vocalist, as well as hearing Transviolet in a more laid-back setting having built a reputation from their 2015 debut EP for releasing hard-hitting, emotive pop-infused singles, unafraid to shy away from darker imagery.

Words of Karla Harris