Heavy Heart - 'Bed Bug'

Photo credit : Chiara Ceccaioni

Photo credit: Chiara Ceccaioni

 London alt band Heavy Heart release captivating new single ‘Bed Bug‘ out now through all popular digital platforms.

Heavy Heart, like many others, began as a bedroom band crafting their sound and have been noticed and praised by the likes of NME, as well as receiving airplay on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Radio X so needless to say they have been doing all the right things so far. The opening to ‘Bed Bug’ really sets the scene and gets across how Heavy Heart want to make you feel.

The music is so beautiful, but also haunting, creepy and gets under your skin, but in a good way! ‘Bed Bug’ is about love, not the simple lovey dovey-what you would expect-love song, no, this is where the haunting kind of vibe comes in to it. It’s about how obsessive love can become when you fall deeply for someone but wanting to feel the way you felt at the beginning of the relationship without the heartache after things don’t end so well!

The track has a kind of ethereal vibe and it really feels like you are on another plane when whacking on a pair of headphones and just getting lost in the song. Vocalist Anna Vincent gives her input to the music with her soft, dreamy vocals and interesting lyric content. Absolutely stunning song writing from Heavy Heart, I’ve had this song on repeat. It’s great reviewing bands that are right up your street, so this was a real treat for me!

’Bed Bug’ was the first of three tunes mixed and co-produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Gabe Wax, so hopefully we will get to hear some more new songs soon.

Words of Pete Herbert