RKCB - 'Till We're In The Sea'

Photo credit Alex Stoddard

Photo credit Alex Stoddard

LA’s soulful R&B/dream pop duo RKCB tackle the issue of climate change on their poignant new single, ‘Till We’re In The Sea’ taken from their upcoming EP, ‘Shores’ due for release on February 22nd through AllPoints.

RKCB take on an ethereal indie folk/ pop direction on their gorgeous new single, ‘Till We’re In The Sea’ .There’s an upbeat, melodic, and twinkly feeling to the song’s melodies that taps into the magical feeling of wonder at the unknown peculiarities of the Universe and Earth’s endless mysteries. The song explores the theme of the sands of time and how we as a species can make positive contributions to the planet, instead of constantly taking up space and impacting negatively on each other and the natural world.

Till We’re In The Sea’ is a wizened, breezy and atmospheric cut that flows thoughtfully and organically through its wonderful blend of synthetic and organic textures and poetic imagery. RKCB have shown off a variety of influences through their past releases but one thing is constant; their song’s command respect and usually have a thoughtfully crafted emotional depth to them. Whether RKCB are driven by indie, electronic or RnB influences - every single song they release is golden in its own right.

Words of Karla Harris