Syne - 'Siddhartha (Running Water)'

Mysterious musician Syne releases ‘Siddhartha (Running Water)’ an enlightening song about learning to accept change.

Syne’s new single ‘Siddhartha (Running Water)’ is an infusion of cultural and sonic flavours. Syne draws on a folklore style of captivating storytelling, his vocal sincere, brooding and deeply soulful but there’s a singalong sensibility here that makes the song hooky. These accessible touches are blended with classical contemporary influences that remind you of invigorating film scores, woven through worldly influences, with special attention to subtle Indian and Japanese sounds.

Despite a sense of melancholy, there’s a magic and beauty to the song that is exciting and energetic and while the song is fluid and unfixed, it’s balanced and grounded by the deeper philosophies in the poetic lyrical theme. The song flows, trickles and weeps organically, adapting to, and finding a way around the obstacles in its path and as Syne explains: Every one of us struggles to learn how to accept change, but in the end, the only way to find inner peace is by realising that everything flows, life is constant change, and we are running water”.

Not only does Syne produce his own music, but he also created the concept artwork, characters, and storyboard for the music video which draws inspiration from the story of Siddhartha Gautama, the man who would eventually become known as the Buddha. Syne dedicates ‘Siddhartha (Running Water)’ to anyone who has lost their way or gone through struggles. This is a transcendental song with a theme that can be universally felt and understood, its rousing ending acting to reignite the resilient flame of the human spirit.

Words of Karla Harris