Inspired #0019 - Emmy Wildwood

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Emmy Wildwood has dropped her most recent single 'Everything Hurts’, which is three minutes of catchy dream pop. Emmy took a moment to talk to us about Kate Bush and the secrets of New Orleans.

Who are you top three musical inspirations?
Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell and PJ Harvey. I loved unusual female voices growing up because I related with them. Anything that did not sound like what was the industry standard (American Idol farming) I was obsessed with. Not for any music snob reasons but because I wanted to hear fresh sounds and things I didn't recognize. I got into Kate Bush later in my life and dug deep into her catalogue. I was sad when I'd finished off the last of her music. These are are artists who pay as much attention to being pioneers sonically as they do to writing a lyrically impactful piece and that is what is most inspiring to me. Why can't it be both plus a great pop song?

Is there a certain film that inspires you? 
I love film because it's an artistic medium that I don't know anything about. I can just show up and enjoy the story without having to analyze. I think I'm inspired by movies like "Joy" where women are innovators and make things happen. "Grace of My Heart" (based on Carol King) is a top and ONCE in particular is favorite because I love stories about music that aren't societies canned idea of what it means to find success as a musician. Most people have never heard of the best song writers alive. 

What city do you find the most inspiring?
I think New Orleans is the best city on earth. It's deep and full of secrets. It's triumphant, sexy and mysterious. I want to dive deep into what is happening over there musically and haven't gotten to yet. Maybe that's why I like it, it's something to look forward to. 

Who is the most inspiring person to you?
I'm most inspired by musicians and artists who do the hustle with artistic integrity. I'm inspired by the contrarians who get gossiped about by judgmental music snobs. I mean, the world can smell fake and they hate it. I'm lucky enough to know artists like Mother Feather who have put in the GD work, have a commitment to their vision and a sick fan bass. Matt Sucich is an insane song writer who is humble and  effortlessly himself. I'm inspired by people who are in the game because that's just life for them. I'm inspired by the under-appreciated. I'm inspired by prolific artists who have a catalogue of incredible work ahead of them.

How would you like to inspire people?
I have never thought about specifically inspiring anyone but what I have endlessly longed for was giving the feeling to someone else that I got when I laid in bed with my headphones as a teenager feeling understood by Tori Amos or Heather Nova. Music is the first place that I developed emotional intelligence. It's the first place I got answers to questions about being other than. It's the first place that I found to help me survive my feelings. If I could ever give that to someone else, I would humbly feel validated.