Moonlight Breakfast - 'Look Up'

Bucharest-based outfit Moonlight Breakfast’s ‘Look Up’ is an upbeat cut of cosmic disco and dream pop, spreading the message of support and solidarity for anyone in crisis.

It’s not easy to create a a huge, fun, dreamy, soundscape while simultaneously keeping your listener grounded and connected to the song, but that’s exactly what Moonlight Breakfast have done on their current single ‘Look Up’. The band take their listener on an illuminating, intergalactic journey with their dazzling use of electronic textures and retro inspired instrumentation. This gives the song an expansive, shimmering, futuristic feel, yet there is a lot of depth to the lyrical theme that anchors the song to the emotion and sweet sincerity in front vocalist Christie’s lyrical delivery.

Moonlight Breakfast offer escapism, but not in a way that makes their listener feel lost or overwhelmed by the vastness of the production. Instead, the song is received as enlightening and optimistic, its cosmic influences highlighting the vibrancy and colour that can still be found even in the darkness. This is the perfect track to send to your friends and family who might be struggling, just to let them know you’re there, you care and that every day is a new beginning.

Words of Karla Harris