Jonathon Robins - 'Butterfly'

Singer-songwriter Jonathon Robins shares a charming declaration of adoration on intimate new single, ‘Butterfly’.

’Butterfly’ takes flight with the sound of Jonathon Robin’s atmospheric vocal boldly spilling vulnerable truths amidst a sentimental, minimal balladesque soundscape. This is a deeply heartfelt lyric-led song that draws influences from soul, country and classic pop to create a sophisticated, timeless sound which passionately draws on raw emotion from the deepest parts of the human psyche.

Thematically, Robins explains the track explores ”the free floating feeling of just being in the moment with someone special. You can see each other for what they are and want to stay there in that moment”.

A devastatingly beautiful cut of richly evocative, rough around the edges, music that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling right in the very pit of your stomach.

Words of Karla Harris