Per Störby Jutbring - 'Braids'

Photo by Magnus Carlsson

Photo by Magnus Carlsson

Swedish composer Per Störby Jutbring takes his listener on an enchanting journey of escapism on cinematic classical single, ‘Braids’.

Per Störby Jutbring’s ‘Braids’ is a vibrant, richly layered and carefully orchestrated piece of music that threads minimal, pulsating spacey synths through expansive orchestral strings, intending to sweep its listener out of the monotony and stresses of day to day living and remember to really feel and live in the moment. It’s the soothing hot drink in your favourite chair after a long day, it’s the crunch of an autumn leaf, the crisp bite of winter air, the sound of falling rain, the sun’s warm kisses on on your face, the smile from a loved one that makes your heart swell, the first bite of your favourite food, the risk you take that finally pays off. It’s the things and people and places we find solace in that we take for granted. It’s magic.

’Braids’ is taken from Jutbring’s fifth solo album, ‘The Thief Bunny Society’ which is set for release on October 18th via Swedish label Hoob Records and looks set to be a stirring collection of songs that makes you want to live peacefully and wholesomely as Jutbring explains:

“In this stressful place of today, I think we all need to affirm naiveté and escapism, to practice imagination; to inspire them pictures to be made, to float away with the undertow, among the dugongs. So, switch the phone off. Join the Thief Bunnies. I’ve made you a soundtrack”.

A heartwarming hit of soul-stirring serenity.

Words of Karla Harris