The Artist Explains: Dani Sylvia - 'Lithium'


Dani Sylvia has just released her dark-pop single ‘Lithium’, she took a moment to talk us about the track, and her plans for the future. 

Your track ‘Lithium’ is out now, what is the inspiration behind the song? 
One of the main inspirations for this song was the company in the room when writing it. I co-wrote this track with two of my long standing producers, Barnaby Cox and Rhys Fletcher. Rhys had just experienced a huge life change and was struggling to see which path to take next. He felt a little lost and fearful of the future. I combined his story with my own to create the narrative within the lyrics. It is about being afraid and leaning on the wrong things to cope with inner turmoil, whilst also pretending that everything is O.K to those you love. It’s basically about hiding in plain sight. 

Where was the track recorded? Are there any behind the scenes stories you are happy to share with us? 
The track was recorded half at my house in the living room, and half at my producers studio. A behind the scenes story is that all three of us who wrote this song were a teeny bit (a lot) wine drunk during the process! 

What do you hope your listeners take from the song? 
I hope that lyrics such as “and I know I will be found” give the listener a sense of hope. I wanted to communicate that even though sometimes we may feel we are alone or in a place of total darkness/isolation, nothing stays the same and we rarely stay lost for long. Sonically I’d love the listener to dance to the sexy bass-line whilst also feeling that they are whirling through a glittery navy blue/purple atmosphere of hopeful angst. 

Now the track is out there, what next? What are your plans for the next few months? 
We are doing a show on November 23rd in London (check my socials for more details soon). Alongside preparing for this I will also be polishing up my debut album due for release next year which I’m very excited about!

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