Lucy Booth - 'Forest Fire'

Lucy Booth makes a plea for accountability on bewitching alternative pop single, ‘Forest Fire’.

’Forest Fire’ sees Lucy Booth’s elegant vocal float over minimal, enchanting arrangements with a gentle lull that offers a false sense of security. Make no mistake ‘Forest Fire’ is a bold and determined song, wrapped up in an deceiving sweetness that pulls no punches as Booth’s poetic lyricism points a frank forewarning finger that karma has a way of catching up with us.

On the track Booth explains, ‘Forest Fire’ “is about how our actions have consequences which we ultimately have to face up to. Our planet is burning before our eyes yet people continue to add fuel to the fire, and for this they may be judged harshly by those who are impacted”.

A disconcerting look at the most unnerving parts of human behaviour, veiled in dreamy, sugared, sonic sensibility that is sure to leave you feeling haunted by its sentiment.

Words of Karla Harris