The Artist Explains: Lauren Sanderson - 'Hotel Room'


Meet Lauren Sanderson, the new rebel in town, and soon to be your newest obsession. She has just released the video for her lust-driven new single ‘Hotel Room’, she took a moment to talk to us about the track and visuals. 

Your track ‘Hotel Room' is out now, what is the inspiration behind the song? 
Hotel Room is inspired by the last “fuck it” night in a toxic relationship. You both know it’s not going to work out, you know it’s a rollercoaster, you know it’s not going to last forever, but just for one more night you want to love them like you’ve never loved before. 

Where was the track recorded? Are there any behind the scenes stories you are happy to share with us? 
I recorded this song in North Hollywood at one of my favorite producers apartments (Keith Varon). It was late one night and I was in the midst of trying to get out of my record deal, all I kept asking myself was “what would I write about if I was independent again? What story would I want to tell if I could tell any story in the world?” - so mentally, I went back. I went back to Indiana, I went back to my first time being in a serious relationship, and I remember us both knowing deep down it was about to end. but we said fuck it and for one last night rented a hotel room just to be together.

What do you hope your listeners take from the song? 
When people hear this song, I want them to let go and do whatever they wanna do in that moment. Sometimes as people we’re too hard on ourselves, we put too much pressure on ourselves to be safe and be perfect, but I’d rather fuck up and learn than to just play it safe all the time. I don’t know. You live once, do whatever and you can learn later. 

The track comes with some quirky visuals, can you explain the inspiration for the video? Where was it filmed? 
The video was shot in a hotel room in California, somewhere near Venice Beach. I wanted it to feel real - I have seen a lot of music videos and movies where two girls are into each other sexually, but I’d never seen one where two girls are in an actual relationship - intimate, passionate, real, close. the video needed to feel emotional and it needed to include all the ups and downs in a relationship. the fighting, the laughing, the chaos, the crying, the need to be close but the need to keep your walls up. all of it.

Now the track is out there, what next? What are your plans for the next few months? 
Now that Hotel Room is out, I plan on releasing another single this November, which can actually be heard in a sneak peak at the end of hotel room :) then one more song then it’s album time.

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