Inspired #0061 - School Of X


School Of X recently dropped new single ‘Destiny’, the first official track to be released in two years. It provides a snippet of the EP, that is due out on November 15th, he took a moment to talk about the release and his love for hip hop. 

Who are your top three musical inspirations?
Nick cave. I often think “what would Nick Cave have done right now”. Truth is that I think he is one of the greatest songwriters and performers of all time. This man’s cool factor is a straight 10 out of 10. And his later albums are fantastic too!
Black Midi (!) at the moment I think they (amongst others) are redefining rock music. I love redefinitions in general and these guys are so rad.
Hip hop in general. I suppose I’ve always been very beat oriented and so is hip hop. It’s attracted me a lot since I was young. Much more the music then the life style though. So as a musician and as a drummer that genre has been super important to me.

Is there a certain film that inspires you?
I would say that there’s two tv-shows that’s been really inspiring to me. It’s Mad Men and Sopranos. I think the whole anti hero thing is really interesting. The lack of skills but the will to do everything you can to get to where you want to get to. I love it.

What city do you find the most inspiring?
I’ve spend a lot of time in New York City the last 6 years. And most recently working on this EP and my next album. I think NYC is endless, progressing and I really like the people there. At the same it’s dirty and some people are having a really rough life there but everyone is living together side by side. I love that city. And in relation to music it’s definitely been most inspiring although I have to say Copenhagen is at the same inspirational level in a completely different way.

Who is the most inspiring person to you?
I think Greta Thunberg at the moment is one of those a phenomenas that the world needs. I think what she’s doing and representing is outstanding and I have the deepest respect for what she represents. And she should be a huge inspiration to everyone.

What were your inspirations when writing the EP?
What I see and hear and feel. I think people I meet and people around me. I’m very inspired by emotions and atmospheres in a room and stuff like that.

How would you like to inspire people?
If I’m that lucky I think that I would definitely hope to inspire people to always push their limits to be in some kind of development. For me progress and openness has been things that I strongly need and will embrace as much as I can. Try and be as fearless (I’m far from that though) as possible in most aspects in life. It gives me a feeling of meaningfulness from time to time. It feels important to me and I think it’s very important for our society and planet.

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