Track Premiere: ili - 'Plastic Knife'


Emily Middlemas is cancelled! Now know as ili, an alt-pop superstar in the making! Her new single ‘Plastic Knife’ is out this Friday, and is taken from her forthcoming five track EP ‘Changes’. 

Talking about the song - “A true anthem for our ladies and gentlemen directed to the boys who TRIED to break our hearts- they can’t, we have thick skin. I came up with the title ‘Plastic Knife’ first, then, came up with concept of ‘go ahead try cut deep with your words, they won’t hurt me, just like a plastic knife wouldn’t’. I love dark pop and this is one of my favs I have written as there is so much sass, yet, it’s so cool at the same time. For the generation of the young and old, this song has no limits.“

We are delighted to be able to give you an exclusive listen to the track. 

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