EP Review: Places Back Home - 'The Color & Decay'

Colorado band Places Back Home share dynamically savvy indie rock on their energetic three track EP, ‘The Color & Decay’.

’The Color & Decay’ opens peacefully with the tranquil, atmospheric alt rock sounds of ‘Not I’ featuring chugging percussion and melodic guitar textures. The vocal is smooth and a soothing honest vocal that sighs with a sweet melancholy as Places Back Home tug at the heartstrings with introspective, aching lyricism.
As the track develops, it grows from minimal bones into a glacial, glistening post rock-esque climax seeping pure beauty and catharsis.

’Refraction’ follows casting light in all directions with its vibrant, zestful arrangements, taken on a coiled math rock energy before breaking into bursts of the post rock glory we saw in ‘Not I’. ‘Epilogues’ rounds off the EP with a spunky, joyful elasticity as the band reflects, “no one makes it out alive” and you feel a rousing sense of letting bygones be bygones and living your best life.

Places Back Home have delivered a three track EP that accessorises emotional and inquisitive lyricism with exuberant and optimistic instrumentation, seeing its sharp dynamics keep its listener on their toes through its short but very sweet entirety.

Words of Karla Harris